Review – Get Into Medical School: Write The Perfect Personal Statement Book

Write the Perfect Personal Statement

The Get Into Medical School – Write the Perfect Personal Statement book was written by experts from ISC Medical. The book runs through the process of writing an exceptional personal statement from start to finish and includes hundreds of examples and additional content to give you the best chance of getting invited for an interview

Book Details

The book starts off by explaining what admission tutors look for in a personal statement then does a good job at guiding you through the process of writing a powerful personal statement for your medical application. You will learn how to plan and prepare to write your personal statement and how to develop a structure and content to maximise impact within the strict character limit allowed.

The book contains hundreds of examples from successful applicants and critiques each one to highlight strengths and weakness. It authors go further by providing details that offered interviews to the respective applicants personal statement. The book is well laid out and is an essential read for anyone looking to improve their personal statement

Key Features

  • Great breakdown of what admission tutors look for during personal statement review
  • Authors provide details tips on how to stand out your with your personal statement
  • Includes hundreds of personal statement examples that are well critiqued – to help you further understand what admissions tutors look out for.
  • It provides insight into personal statements from A level applicants vs Graduate applicants
  • Provides a list of action and power words that can be used for your personal statement


I would strongly recommend getting this book to write and improve your medical or dental school personal statement. The book leads you through step-by-step how to write a powerful personal statement. It could be an ideal tool for your medical application.

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