Which Universities DO NOT Require The UKCAT

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If you are considering applying to medicine or dentistry it is useful to consider all the options available. There are many medical and dental programmes that do not require the UKCAT as part of their application process. I would recommend taking the time to also research into these options, they might actually be a more suitable or an easier route for you to study medicine or dentistry. There are 26 UKCAT universities, However, it is important to also know the universities that do not require the UKCAT. You may decide to consider these universities if you do not achieve a particularly good UKCAT score. They require other admission exams such as the BMAT or GAMSAT. It is important to know their full requirements before applying, so make sure to have a look on the their websites for further information.

Universities That Do Not Require The UKCAT

Find below the list of medical and dental schools that do not require the UKCAT exam:


Admission Exam
University of LiverpoolGraduate Applicants Must Take the GAMSAT
St George’s University of London

Graduate Applicants Must Take the GAMSAT

University of NottinghamGraduate Entry Medicine – GAMSAT
University of CardiffGraduate Applicants must take GAMSAT
Swansea UniversityGAMSAT
University of ExeterGraduate Applicants must take GAMSAT
Plymouth University Graduate Applicants must take GAMSAT
Imperial CollegeBMAT
Lancaster UniversityBMAT
University College of London (UCL)BMAT
University of OxfordBMAT

University of Leeds

Brighton & Sussex Medical School


University of Cambridge


I strongly advise visiting the university websites for further details before you apply – there’s no point wasting time if you do not meet their entry requirement.

Nevertheless, keep your options open it is worth looking into universities that do not require the UKCAT as part of their admission process.

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