Uniadmissions UKCAT Tuition – Is it worth it?

Uniadmissions UKCAT Tuition

UniAdmissions UKCAT Tuition is my recommended tutoring service  to prepare for the United Kingdom Clinical Aptitude Test (UKCAT) this year  – but is it actually worth it? Here is what previous students that booked their tuition had to say…

“I was struggling with the time limits in some of the sections and I was starting to panic, until I went through Uniadmissions UKCAT tuition. My tutor was great and taught me lots of little time saving saving techniques that really helped” – Henna (offers from Barts, Queen Mary and Liverpool)

“I really liked my tutor and the work we did together, the resources were really helpful too.  And it meant that I could study at my own time as well – Collins (offers from Kings College, Manchester & UCL).

“The tutor I was assigned was really professional and understood everything I was going through. That really helped me to get through my test” – Gabby (offers from Kings College, Barts and Birmingham)

So who are UniAdmissions?

UniAdmissions is one of the leading medical school admission companies in the UK headed up by Rohan Aggarwal and David Salt, both are Oxbridge medicine graduates, together they started UniAdmissions to help future students get into the most competitive courses. Since then, the company has grown into a strong team of 300 doctors and experienced admission experts with a proven track record helping  thousands of applicants across the world get into their chosen courses. The company offers  everything from online courses, study guides, intensive courses to individual tuition. Some of their popular study guides  include:

What is the Uniadmissions UKCAT Tuition?

For all aspiring doctors and dentists out there you’re going to need to do one or more admission tests to go hand-in-hand with your application.  The UKCAT is one of such exam. The UKCAT is a 2 hour computer-based test required by most medical schools as part of their admission process. In a nutshell, the UniAdmissions UKCAT tuition  gives you the ultimate level of support in preparing for the UKCAT. With individual tuition you get one-on-one teaching tailored to you to give maximum improvement. In addition to the complete flexibility, another significant advantage is amount of time you spend practising – because there are no other students, you get much more opportunity to target your weak areas, building your skill and fluency in responding to the UKCAT questions. Their tutors covers each section of the exam in great detail and offers expert exam advice, strategies and techniques to get ahead of the competition in the exam.

What do you get out of Uniadmissions UKCAT Tuition?

Their UKCAT tuition has a lot to offer, they are as follows:

Personal Exercises: Personal exercises are designed to target your weaknesses and prepare you the UKCAT. This could include anything – the most popular exercises include – mini mock exams, to help identify areas for improvement. This is a very valuable feature because it allows the tutor identify weak points and help you improve them before test day..

Preparation Guidance: The sessions themselves are only part of the preparation, with your own independent work acting to consolidate and enhance your skills. The advantage of having prolonged contact with your tutor is they can carefully guide your preparation. By suggesting reading material, setting exercises and key areas to improve on, they ensure you get the most return out of your independent time investment as well as the sessions.

Mock Exams: Another great thing about UniAdmissions tuition is the flexibility they offer with mock exams – you can have as many as you want within the sessions until you feel fully prepared and ready for the real thing. The best part is you can choose to focus on specific areas. The tutors usually adapt the mock exam to ensure you are targeting your weak points and getting the most out of your preparation.

Unlimited Tutor Support: Feel free to contact your tutor outside the session, so if you have any questions or need advice you can ask straightaway instead of waiting for the next session. The average response time is 24 hours, and they guarantee you’ll hear back within 48 hours.

Free UKCAT Book: Also included with the course is one of the best selling UKCAT practice books on Amazon, The Ultimate UKCAT Guide by Rohan Agarwal & David Salt, the eBook includes first-hand advice from expert tutors and over 1500 practice questions.

How does it compare to other UKCAT Tutors?

In order to help make my decision on the best UKCAT tuitions I reviewed the top rated  companies and shortlisted my top three recommended UKCAT tutors. The table below shows how Uniadmissions compares to the other two companies in my shortlist:

Uniadmissions Compared to other UKCAT tutors


  • Over 100 specialist UKCAT tutors, so a suitable match is guaranteed
  • Offered to both medical and dental applicants
  • Flexibility – the tutorials can be done via Skype or in person
  • Adaptability – the tutors are willing to book sessions around your schedule
  • Accessibility – you can get in touch at any time with questions, they’ll get back to you within hours
  • Personal & Research Exercises – exercises to help identify weakness and improve knowledge and reasoning skills
  • Ongoing support until test day (response rate within 48 hours)
  • Free UKCAT practice book


  • In person sessions are only offered in London. However, the company does offer Skype sessions which have proven to be just as effective.

Deal – Get 2 hours FREE tuition when you book at least 10 hours with UniAdmissions. Use coupon UKCATBLOG+2 at checkout or quote ‘THE UKCAT BLOG VOUCHER’ during your free consultation call.


Overall, I give Uniadmissions UKCAT tuition a 8.5 out of 10. In my opinion it’s one of the best tuition services because of the unlimited support and flexibility it offers. I highly recommend it if you are considering booking a tutor. It has everything you need to study at your own pace and get ahead of the competition.

Would Like more Information? Have a Free Consultation Call or Live Chat with one of their admission experts.




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