UKCAT Study Plan: How To Go From 600 in each Section to 700 in 30 days!!

ukcat study plan

Included with the 2018 edition of my UKCAT Study guide is a FREE 30-day study plan to help structure  your preparation by giving you small goals over 30 days. In this article I’ll be sharing details on how the study plan works and testimonials of past candidates that used it to significantly improve their UKCAT score…

I introduced the 30-day study plan in the 2017 edition of my UKCAT study guide and the overall feedback was amazing! It actually took me 3 months to design it, I wanted it to be most effective and tailored to a readers personal circumstances while still applying the core principles that I used to achieve a UKCAT score in the top percentile. I focused on designing the schedule so that it would be used in complement with the study guide to essentially help balance preparation time.

Day 1 to Day 4 – Identify  weak areas

One important consideration I kept in mind is an honest assessment of one’s natural capability against what is required by the medical or dental school they wish to enter. Day 1 to Day 4 of your preparation should focus on identifying your strengths and weakness.

Day 5 to Day 9 – Improve, Practice and Re-assess

Once weak areas are identified, Day 5 – Day 9 should focus on improving your two weakest sections. Learn strategies and exam techniques to  improve. Then re-assess progress by Day 7.

Day 10 – Mock Test 1

Attempt a fully timed mock with no distractions. I recommend using an online UKCAT course to mimic the testing environment

Day 11 to Day 14 – Prioritise and Improve

Using results from Mock test 1  identify question-types and elements you struggled on and work on improving them.

Day 15 – Mock test 2

Attempt second mock fully timed and review answers.

Day 16  to Day 19 – Prioritise and Improve

Using results from Mock test 2  identify question-types and elements you struggled on and work on improving them.

Day 20 – Mock Test 3

Attempt second mock fully timed and review answers.

Day 21 to Day 25 – Prioritise and Improve

Using results from Mock test 2  identify question-types and elements you struggled on and work on improving them.

Day 26 – Day 30 –  Review study notes & tie up loose ends

Go through study notes and run through entire exam. I recommend having another look at the official practice questions and tests. Take the time to go through Mock exams again and probably do one final Mock if time permits.

Key Features Of The  30-day Study Plan

The 30-day UKCAT study plan is designed to balance your time by both improving skill and assessing progress. If you wish to pursue a 2-month or 3-month UKCAT study schedule, you can consider doubling or tripling the time of the 30-day schedule respectively, feel free to modify or personalise as you see fit.

The following are key features of  the 30-day study plan:

  • Integration of Study Guide Concepts

    The study plan incorporates the core principles of my UKCAT study guide to prepare for the exam. The guide is the exact strategy I used to achieve a UKCAT in the 90th percentile.  I show you step-by-step how to identify weakness, assess progress and improve skill for the UKCAT, as well as proven exam strategies for each section. The 2017 edition was bought by 1-in-7 applicants  that took the exam with 100% agreeing it helped improve their score and 79% achieving target UKCAT score (See Testimonials)

  • Study Notes

    You are required to make notes at the end of your daily preparation, I offer suggestions on what to include in them,  students are expected to read their notes 2-3 times per week and around the third week, you are encouraged to set aside one full day consolidating your study  from the beginning. You will then read these notes every day in the weeks leading up to the exam. Hence you never forget, not because you have become good at memorising but because you have reviewed and consolidated the same content so many times.

  • Weekly Checklist & Reminder

    To ensure you are on track of your preparation, you’ll be sent weekly reminders and checklists to ensure you are on top of everything.

Testimonials From 2017 Candidates

Find below testimonials from some of the students that personally thanked me for the 30-day study plan and study guide.

“Would’ve been lost without it”
Gabriella, Achieved 2560

“Really helpful in ensuring that I kept going, particularly with regular emails and hints. Advice is great and I have recommend this to friends”
Caitlin, Achieved 2790

“This guide helped me to effectively identify my weakest section of the UKCAT and improve upon it. I think this had the biggest positive impact on my total score because it meant that i was no longer aimlessly doing questions but instead targeted focused revision. The excellent addition of a 30 day plan helped me to plan and keep on top of revision test. I implemented the amazing tips found throughout and they worked brilliantly! I could not reccomend this eBook enough, without it i wouldnt have known where to start so thank you for creating such an amazing resource that helped me get the UKCAT score i wanted!”
Serena, Achieved 2710

“The strategy laid out in this guide helped me achieve a score in the 9th decile having only achieves one in the 4th decile last year”
Danny, Achieved 2940

See More Testimonials

I recommend using the 30-day plan to manage your time and my UKCAT Study Guide to improve your UKCAT skills. Together, both resources go hand-in-hand to ensure you are working as effectively as possible to prepare for the UKCAT.  Also get additional tips when you subscribe to the Free 30-Day UKCAT Preparation Challenge includes exclusive tips for smashing the UKCAT and getting into medical or dental school. No spam just great content.

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