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I was recently asked by a reader how should she prepare for the UKCAT, so I thought I would write a post to just briefly explain my UKCAT study strategy. My ebook covers this at length and provides a step-by-step run through the entire strategy, it is available to purchase on Payhip for only £2.99.

The goal of my strategy is to firstly, save time, I realised it is not about how long you practice instead about how smart you prepare in order to achieve a high score, you can cover 1-month practice in 2 weeks if you work smart. Secondly, to save money, students spend so much money on trying to get into medicine or dentistry with an average 7 in 10 students failing to get in.  


In order to efficiently achieve a high score in the UKCAT, you need to first identify your weakest subtest, my ebook explains how to identify this and increase your overall UKCAT score.  It is the most important step because it defines how you tailor the rest of your preparation. Once you have identified your weakest subtests, you need to improve them. I recommend start by using free resources, then work you way down to getting a tutor (see diagram below).

Ukcat study strategy

The aim is to make your weakest subtests  priority throughout preparation once you’ve identified it, and ultimately spend most of the time on your weakest sections, it wouldn’t make sense spending more time preparing for the Quantitative reasoning subtest if that is your strongest subtest, do not fall into the trap of boosting your ego! Notice how specific my preparation becomes as I move from free resources to tutors, this is the UKCAT Preparation Funnel.

Here are my recommended Resources for each stage of the UKCAT Preparation funnel:

Free Resources: Official UKCAT Practice Questions & Tests

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UKCAT Online Course: JobTestPrep UKCAT Course (Read Full Review)

UKCAT Tutor: UniAdmissions UKCAT Crash Course (Read Full Review)


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