How To Save Time With The UKCAT Calculator

The UKCAT calculator

A simple on-screen calculator will be made available for use in the Quantitative Reasoning (QR) and Decision Making (DM) subtests. The calculator has been included within the official practice tests. I strongly advise you practice using it when preparing for the both subtests.

The on-screen UKCAT calculator will look similar to the image above, it is a four function calculator with the core Memory and Num Lock functions.

The UKCAT calculator is a TI-108, which is the most basic calculator. The calculator includes the four basic functions as well as square root and percentage keys. In each Quantitative Reasoning question, there is a link to the online calculator on the top left-hand side of the screen. When you click on this link, the UKCAT calculator will appear on your screen. You may either click the buttons using your mouse or by using the number buttons on your keyboard.

Make sure to use the same type of basic calculator during your practice so that you can get acquainted with it before the test. Here are some tips to consider regarding the UKCAT calculator:

  • Brush up on the different functions you can perform with the calculator  – know what you can and can’t do on it. It will save you time on the test.
  • Preparing with the calculator will help you identify some of its common problems – this will help you know how to input equations in the right order. 
  • Learn fast mental maths techniques to reduce inputting equations for complex calculations. 
  • Practising will help you to become familiar with the UKCAT calculator, making it quicker for you to input necessary information (numbers, functions, etc.).

Practice using the UKCAT calculator with the official Simulator.

UKCAT Calculator Shortcuts:  Tips And Functions

In the live test the UKCAT calculator closes when you click away or move to another question.  You can recall it by clicking on the icon.  Your current calculations should be retained.  To clear the calculator click the ON/C button.  You can use the mouse or the number pad on your keyboard to operate the calculator.  The calculator has a number of core functions that can be used to save time in the exam, they include:

  • Memory functions: MRC, M+ and M-
  • Square Root function
  • +/-  function
  • Percentage function
How To Use The UKCAT Calculator Memory Functions

I found a great video that explains how to use the memory functions on an iPhone calculator, it is pretty much the same as the UKCAT calculator, practice what you’ve learned with the official UKCAT calculator simulator.

How To Use The UKCAT Calculator Percentage Functions

I found another video on how to use the percentage function on a computer calculator. It is the same as the calculator in the exam.

How To Use Other Functions

For a complete lesson on how to use the online calculator, I recommend watching this 15 min video by Edward Shore, he covers all the other functions in detal:

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