My Recommended Course For UKCAT Abstract Reasoning Practice Questions

I recommend buying the Job Test Prep online UKCAT  course for abstract reasoning practice questions. The course comes with amazing features that makes it one of the best in the market.


The course has six main features that makes it one of the best online courses for UKCAT abstract reasoning practice questions , they include:

1. Learning Feature

The developers have provided a complete 18-page UKCAT guide and video tutorials that provides examples, explanations and techniques for answering every type of question you can expect in the UKCAT abstract reasoning subtest. The guide replicates the breadth and depth of the different types of questions that can be asked in the UKCAT and the spectrum of difficulties that it covers (from easy to time-consuming), which makes it an ideal learning tool for all those who want to achieve a high UKCAT score in the abstract reasoning section.

2. Practise Feature

Once you have completed the guide and understand the strategies and techniques you wish to adopt. The course offers hundreds of UKCAT abstract practice questions for you to put the strategies learnt into practise. This helps you identify your weakness and work on improving them early on. You can attempt questions either timed or untimed with full explanations and tips. I recommend initially practising the AR questions untimed until you have a better grasp of the exam techniques and strategies.

3. Live Performance Feedback And Score Reports

Once you’ve completed a timed test. The course provides data on your performance. You can see how well you are doing: which questions you’re getting right and wrong; and a general overview on performance and a breakdown of your score. You can use this data to see how much you have improved.

4. Simulation Feature

The UKCAT is a 2-hour test, it’s natural anxiety, stress and fatigue could influence your score. The more you practice under real life conditions the less likely these factors will affect you on the live exam. The Job Test Prep UKCAT course provides  full-length mock exams under timed conditions to simulate the testing environment. It feels like the actual UKCAT, helping you experience the real test before your big day.

5. Personality Test Feature

The course also additional materials to help you prepare for your medical school or dental school interview. This includes a full-length interactive personality test, a personality profile report, and additional comprehensive reading material to help you prepare for interviews. There is no other online UKCAT course that provides this tool to prepare for interviews.

6. Mobile Preparation

You can also practice questions on the go! The Job Test UKCAT course is mobile adaptive, which means you can access the course on your mobile device, you do not have to be in front of your PC. Practice on the way to school, work or even whilst on holiday.

  • Thousands of UKCAT Practice Questions
  • Full- length and Stimulated Mock Exam
  • Video Tutorials
  • Complete UKCAT study Guide – includes exam strategies and techniques.
  • Live Performance feedback – with Score Reports
  • Interview Preparation – Personality test and reading material.
  • Access on Mobile – Practice on the Go
  • Affordable Prices 
  • No extension package if you reschedule your UKCAT, or need more time to prepare.
  • The course isn’t UKCATSEN supported.
  • 1 month – £39.99
  • 1 year – £59.99

I reached out to the publishers and they agreed to offer 20% to my readers. You can claim a further 20% off with voucher code: UKCATBLOG20 at Checkout.

Discount Pricing with Voucher
  • 1 month – £31.99
  • 1 year – £47.99

Overall I would strongly recommend the Job Test Prep UKCAT online course, it offers everything you need to prepare for the UKCAT. The user experience and quality of the course is exceptional.  The only critic is that it is not UKCATSEN supported, if you plan on taking the UKCATSEN instead of the UKCAT then this course wouldn’t be right for you. I’ve reached out to Job Test Prep and they are working on making the course UKCATSEN supported soon.



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