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ultimate ukcat guide

The Ultimate UKCAT guide is the practice book series from UniAdmissions written by Oxbridge medical experts and doctors. It provides a handful of time saving strategies for the exam. 

Book Details

The book is written by David Salt and Rohan Agarwal; who are doctors and medical school admission experts from Uniadmissions, they have helped thousands of students prepare for the UKCAT and this book is the revision material that they have put together. The book starts off by covering the basics and offering general advice on passing the exam. The third chapter dives into the verbal reasoning section of the exam, and provides about 40 pages of verbal reasoning practice questions as well as  key tips on tackling the subtest, this was really insightful. The next chapter after this was the Decision Making subtest, despite this subtest being relatively new the authors were able do a good job in breaking down the subtest and provided about 5 pages of practice questions that cover the different question types in the exam. The authors also cover the remaining sections – Quantitative Reasoning, Abstract Reasoning and Situational Judgement in the same detail and provide practice questions and detailed worked explanations. The authors really did a good job of providing a lot of time-saving techniques for each subtest.


  • The book contains over 1250 practice questions
  • A lot of detailed examples and exercises for each subtest.
  • Up-to-date material on the New Decision Making Subtest
  • A lot of helpful time-saving techniques for each subtest


  • Not as many practice questions on the Decision Making as other sections. Which is expected as it is a new subtest.
  • No Mock Exam included in the book.


The book leads you through each section of the UKCAT and covers each type of question. The authors also provide advice on how to approach each section of the exam, especially time saving techniques.With this book, you’ll learn become more familiar with the exam and learn how to use your time in the test efficiently.

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