Review – UniAdmissions Medical School Interview Course

Uniadmissions Medical School Interview Course Review

The UniAdmissions Medical School Interview course is the perfect way to prepare for your medical school interview in a short space of time. This one-day course starts with tutorials in the morning, helping you develop strong answers for the types of question you are likely to be asked. In the afternoon you get four full mock interviews, allowing you to put your new skills into practice – and as these all come with written feedback you can move on from the day with lots more learning points to perfect your performance. Experienced UniAdmissions tutors are on hand all day, so any questions you have can be answered by an expert. The course comes with a full book on medical school interviews, so you can continue your learning at home even after the course is complete.

Key Features of the Course

The course includes 4 key features, they are as follows:

Tutorial Sessions: The tutorial sessions cover varied content to help put you in the best position possible. The sessions focus on the most commonly asked medical questions – the tutor will help you structure your answers to common questions and develop techniques for dealing with the most challenging and unexpected questions. These sessions also include a ‘Key to Success’ theme, where tutors focus on both verbal and non-verbal ways of communicating well during your interview. The tutorial sessions also cover situational questions, where you are taught approaches to the most common medical scenarios and how to structure your answers for maximum effect.

Individual Mock Interviews: Each mock interview is 30 minutes long, giving you chance to apply everything you’ve learned during the tutorials. By bringing your personal statement along, the tutors can personalise the interview based on your experience, giving you a realistic opportunity to practice for the real thing. After the mock interview, you’ll be given live feedback on your performance by the tutor, and advice on how to improve. There is also written feedback that highlights your strengths as well as areas of improvement, so you won’t forget the main points of discussion from this intensive day.

MMI Rounds: An increasing number of medical schools are now using Multiple Mini-Interviews (MMIs). The UniAdmissions course includes a comprehensive MMI circuit. The MMI round includes four stations where you’ll be tested on your commitment to medicine, medical ethics, current affairs and more – each station by a separate tutor, just like real MMIs. Here it is important to switch from one question to another quickly in your mind – something which you will practice on the day. The MMIs are marked in a very structured way – so your tutor can help you understand the key points you have to hit in order to be certain to score highly.

Ethical Workshops: The course also includes a workshop on how to answer ethical questions. Your small group tutor will cover the most common ethical debates surrounding medicine such as euthanasia, assessing mental capacity and competency of patients, etc. The workshop helps to approach the questions in a structured way and discuss both sides of the argument with reference to the pillars of medical ethics. Always discuss both viewpoints before giving a personal opinion!

Additional Features

Full Written Feedback: After each session, you receive full written feedback on your performance. The tutors highlight your strengths and weakness so you can improve and increase your chances of performing well on the real interview day.

Ongoing Tutor Support: The tutors provide ongoing email support after the course, so if you have any questions or need more tips for dealing with a problem they will help. The tutors are extremely helpful and will assist with any queries. Responses are guaranteed within 48 hours, but students from the course last year often found they were back in under a day.

Free Medical Interview eBook: Also included with the course is one of the best selling medical books on Amazon, The Ultimate Medical School Interview Guide by Rohan Agarwal & David Salt. This eBook includes first-hand advice from expert tutors and over 150 past interview questions.

Course Breakdown

It is a full day course covering all the features mentioned earlier. The programme schedule is as follows:

10:00 – 10:15 – Arrival, Registration and Resources

10:15 – 10:30 – The Key to Interview Success

10:30 – 11:30 – Tutorials: Common Medical Interview Questions

11:45 – 12:45 – 2 x Individual Mock Interviews

12:45 – 13:30 – Lunch

13:30 – 14:30 – Medical Ethics Workshop

14:45 – 15:45 – Multiple Mini Mock Interview Circuit

16:00 – 16.45 – Situational Questions Workshop

16:45 – 17:30 – Debrief and Finish

Please note that exact timings may subject to change on the day.

Reviews & Testimonials

  • The course has over 500 satisfied Customers
  • 77% Success Rate i.e students who attended the course last year and were given an offer
  • 96% of customers who attended the course would recommend it.


  • The course is detailed, well taught and comprehensive.
  • It covers both medical interview formats – traditional interview panel and MMIs
  • Tutors provide full written feedback throughout entire course
  • Includes a medical ethics workshop
  • Includes full mock interviews to practice your responses in a simulated interview situation
  • Ongoing email support until interview day (response rate within 48 hours)
  • Free Medical Interview eBook
  • Strong feedback from previous students


  • Only offered to Medical Applicants (or Oxbridge Applicants). Dental Applicants will be more suited to their 1-to-1 private tuition
  • The Courses only runs 3 days a year
  • The course is only offered in London
  • Covers all aspects, so not for someone wanting to focus on only one aspect


The UniAdmissions Medical School Interview Course costs £295. You can claim £20 OFF with Coupon UKCATBLOG20 at Checkout.


I would strongly recommend the UniAdmissions medical interview course, the tutors are well experienced and offer great help in preparing for your medical school interview. The written feedback and additional features included in the course takes the programme to the next level.



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