Free UKCAT Resources: Free UKCAT Practice Tests, study guides and more

They say the best thing in life are free, the same goes for UKCAT resources. Every year I compile a comprehensive list of free UKCAT resources available on the internet and share them here on this page. This page is updated before the exam cycle to bring you a complete list of free resources to prepare for the UKCAT – saving you time sourcing it yourself.

I’ve spent a total of 10 hours compiling and reviewing each website to make sure they are up to standard to prepare for the exam. I cover everything from free study guides, UKCAT practice questions to mock exams.

If you come across any other amazing free resource that’s not included below, please do get in touch, I will review it immediately and add it on if it is suitable.


  • Official UKCAT Guide by the UKCAT Exam Board. Click here to download
  • Official tutor tutorial by the UKCAT Exam Board. Click here to view tour.
  • Official catalogue of preparation resources by the UKCAT exam board. Click here to view (Includes Official guide & tutorial).
  • A Free Guide To the UKCAT by The Medic Portal.  Click to read the article.
  • UKCAT Preparation And Tips by The Medic Portal. Click to read the article.
  • General advice and tips to prepare for the UKCAT by 6med. Click here to read the articles.
  • A comprehensive guide and overview of the UKCAT by Medify. Click here to read the guide.
  • A compilation of helpful articles to prepare for the UKCAT by UKCAT Crash Course. Click here to read the articles.


Please note that the sign (R) means that you may require registering to get access to practice test.

  • Official UKCAT practice Tests. Click here to take tests. Includes 3 practice tests and questions banks for each section
  • Free Online UKCAT Practice Test & 20 min workout by Kaplan. Click here to take tests. (R)
  • Free online UKCAT practice questions from Job Test Prep. Click here to take test (R)
  • Demo UKCAT practice test from The Medic Portal. Click here to attempt the test. Once you complete the free demo you can get unlimited free access to thousands more UKCAT questions (sign up required for access to more questions)
  • Free Practice Test from Prep Genie. Click here to download (R)


Please note that the sign (R) means that you may require registering first to get access to  practice questions.

  • Free quizzes on each section of the exam by UKCAThelp. Click here to you can also get access  to thousands of questions after signing up
  • Free UKCAT practice questions by  Blackstone Tutors. Click here to access questions.
  • Free UKCAT Practice questions by Medify. Click here to access free demo.
  • Quick UKCAT verbal reasoning sample questions from Kaplan. Click here to access questions. More questions for quantitative and abstract reasoning.


  • Free UKCAT Events from Kaplan. Includes UKCAT preparation , interview advice and more. Click here to find out more.


  • UKCAT advice and testimonials  by past candidates on YouTube. Click here to watch popular videos.
  • The Official UKCAT YouTube Channel. Click here to watch.
  • Feel free to tweet the official UKCAT account on Twitter with questions about the exam, they respond promptly. Follow them on Twitter.
  • The candidate’s advice page on the official UKCAT website. Click here to read
  • Some helpful UKCAT  tips for each section by Job Test Prep. Click here to read article
  • Top 5 UKCAT tricks from the medic portal. Click here to read article.

Leave comments below and let me know which free UKCAT resource you found helpful. For more exclusive tips and advice to prepare for the UKCAT, subscribe to my free 90-day newsletter, includes a FREE application guide on how to boost your UCAS application (2019 entry). Join over 1K  subscribers and learn how to beat the competition for university places.

These are the best free resources to prepare for the UKCAT, however do not make the mistake of practising questions with no strategy, you need to identify your weakness, assess progress and improve skill as you get closer to test day. I created a UKCAT Study Guide to show candidates step-by-step how I was able to do this and achieve a UKCAT score In The 90th percentile…

The 2017 edition of my UKCAT study guide was bought by 1-in-7 applicants with 100% of readers agreeing it improved their score and 79% of readers achieving their target score (See Testimonials). You’ll learn everything from setting your target score to exam strategies for each section of the exam. Here is what you can expect to find inside:

  • How Universities Use The UKCAT (NEW)
  • How to determine and set your target UKCAT score
  • How to identify your weakest sections (UPDATED)
  • How to prioritise sections of the exam.
  • Proven exam strategies and techniques to improve your skill in each section: Verbal Reasoning, Abstract Reasoning, Decision Making, Quantitative Reasoning and Situational Judgement. (NEW STRATEGIES ADDED)
  • The most effective approach for practising sample questions and mock exams.
  • Recommended UKCAT practice books and how to use them (UPDATED)
  • Recommended UKCAT practice tests and how to use them. (UPDATED)
  • Recommended UKCAT courses and how to get the most out of them (UPDATED)
  • Advance tips, tactics, and techniques for boosting your studying efficacy
  • More exclusive content from my blog, (MORE ADDED)
Additional Features:

This year I’ve included additional features to help take your UKCAT preparation to the next level. They include the following

  • Private Facebook Group: Exclusive assess to the 2018 UKCAT BLOG Facebook Group – opportunity to get support from other applicants applying in the same cycle.
  • THE UKCAT BLOG Podcast: Free access to THE UKCAT PODCAST to help with boosting your UCAS application and preparing for the UKCAT.
  • 30-Day Study Plan: You can also enroll in a 30 day preparation challenge with the 30-day study plan.
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Which  free UKCAT resource did you find helpful? Share your experience in the comments below.