5 Mental Maths Tricks To Save Time In UKCAT Quantitative Reasoning

mental maths tricks

One of the main challenges with the UKCAT is timing, learning a few mental maths tricks for basic arithmetic will save you  a ton of time in the quantitative and decision-making subtests. In this article I share videos that provide mental maths shortcuts that can be used in the exam

1. Fast Mental Multiplication Trick

2. Mental Maths Trick For Calculating Fraction

3. Mental Maths Trick for Calculating Percentages

4. Mental Maths trick for Square roots

5. How To Square Number In Your Head

I highly recommend you get into the habit of doing basic arithmetic in your head during practice. This combined with using the onscreen calculator will save you a ton of time when dealing with complex calculations. For a step-by-step guide on preparing for the exam grab your copy of  The UKCAT study guide. It’s includes the tips, techniques and strategies I used to achieve a score in the 90th percentile. It has been adopted by over 8,000 candidates to date with 100% positive feedback! Also take part in the Free 30-day UKCAT Preparation Challenge includes daily exercises and goals over 30 days to ensure you prepare more effectively.

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