How Hard Is The UKCAT ?

How hard is the UKCAT with four empjis
How Hard is the UKCAT with emojis

Student’s experience of the UKCAT test vary. Some find it easy others find it difficult. There are loads of forums and threads online where candidates express how difficult they found the UKCAT test. The only common agreement with all applicants is that practicing is key to succeeding at the UKCAT.

So How Hard Is The UKCAT?…

I searched on different forums and threads – please find below the posts that stood out to me:

Tom St George’s, University of London (Medicine)
‘It is not difficult, it just needs to be done. I used the practice books and felt well prepared when I sat the test’
[ – Sept 30th, 2015]

Nikesh –  University of Manchester (Dentistry)
‘I despaired the abstract reasoning at first. I found it very difficult at the start, but just did some practice and got better. Generally thought the test was ok’ – August 18th, 2015]

Zedd – To Be Confirmed (TBC)
‘I would say that my experience of it last year was that it was pretty difficult. Other people thought it was okay though so it’s a bit of a mixed bag’
[ ‘ how difficult is the UKCAT’ – May 26, 2014]

KaranKing’s College, University of London (Dentistry)
‘I got an average score of 690, the verbal reasoning let me down, I got 550 but made up with it in the AR section. It was hard managing time though’
[ – Oct 2nd 2014]

Monica – University of Nottingham (Medicine)
‘I spent hours practicing for the UKCAT  and it paid off, I recommend also signing up for an online course because it closely mimics the real thing’
[ – Sept 18th  2014]

Hayley – Warwick University (Graduate Entry Medicine)

‘I thought it was easy, the verbal reasoning was the hardest bit in my opinion’
[ – Aug 3rd, 2014 ]

‘I didn’t finish the VR and QR sections, good luck mate!’
[ – July 30th, 2012]

Have you taken the test? How hard is the UKCAT? did you find it easy or difficult, comment on the section below. You can also find out how I used the golden pentagon strategy to  score 2840 in the UKCAT test and secure an offer to study medicine.


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