5 Free UKCAT Quantitative Reasoning Practice Materials

You do not have to wait until your exam is around the corner before you start preparing for the UKCAT quantitative reasoning subtest. You can start improving your numerical reasoning skills with one of the following free UKCAT quantitative reasoning practice tools:

1. The Official UKCAT Website (www.ukcat.ac.uk)

The official UKCAT website has a ton of helpful information and resources to help you prepare for the quantitative reasoning subtest, it includes a candidate preparation toolkit, practice tests and questions. I recommend starting your UKCAT preparation with the resources provided on their website. Start researching on the exam and the average UKCAT score achieved by candidates in the quantitative reasoning last year.

2. The Official UKCAT Mobile App (Download on Apple or Google App Store)

This is a very helpful app to prepare for the UKCAT. I recommend adjusting the settings so that you are prompted to attempt one question a day. You can choose to pick a specific subtest or a random section. I recommend downloading the app straightway! You can start preparing for the UKCAT months ahead.


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4. Free Online Practice Tests And Questions

There are tons of companies offering free UKCAT quantitative reasoning practice tests. You can just do a Google search and pick one. I recommend attempting one test per week or per month  to warm yourself up for when your exam is approaching close. The most popular  providers are Kaplan, Job Test Prep, Medify and MedicPortal.

5. Brain Training Mobile Apps – Numerical Games

I recommend downloading cognitive apps such as Elevate or Luminosity to help improve mental maths  and numeric skills. These apps have free versions that will help boost  your quantitative skills.




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