Must-Have Books For Applying To Veterinary Medicine

A Veterinary student treating a horse's ankle: Books for applying to veterinary medicine

Applying to veterinary science is  difficult, with thousands of students applying each year for limited places  how do you stand out with your  application?

Answer: Learn from successful Veterinary and admission experts

Increase your chances of getting into veterinary school by learning  helpful tips and strategies to improve your UCAS application. The following are my recommended books for applying  to veterinary medicine. I recommend books for each stage of the application process.

The Best Books For Applying To Veterinary Medicine

UCAS Application

You have decided you want to study veterinary medicine, Great! With the application deadline in October, I recommend getting a copy of Adam Cross’ Getting Into Dental School. The book provide tips and strategies to strengthen your overall application and increase your chances of being invited for an interview.

1. Getting into Veterinary School by James Barton (Strongly Recommend)

The veterinary school application process is tough and very competitive. The Getting into veterianry school series covers every aspect of the application process, from writing a winning personal statement, to interview techniques and career prospects, it has all of the essential information that future veterinary students need to secure a place. Pre-order the 2017 Edition on Amazon.

Veterinary School Interview

You have been asked to attend an interview, Great! With a few weeks to prepare, there are certain books to read before your veterinary school interview that will help strengthen your interview skills and provide you all the necessary techniques, information and motivation  you will need to perform well. The following books provide a thousands of interview questions, answering techniques and background knowledge to help you prepare for your interview:

1. Multiple Mini Interview (MMI): Winning Strategies from Admissions Faculty by Samir Desai

This is one of the best selling interview books for MMI preparation, it covers thousands of questions and provides tips and strategies for providing compelling answers. Questions cover everything from tackling the MMIs, ethics, personal qualities, NHS and more. Buy on Amazon.

3.  Getting into Veterinary School by James Barton

This book is a must have!  It also includes additional tips and advice to prepare for your veterinary interview. Pre-order the 2017 Edition on Amazon.



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