Must-Read Books For Applying To Medicine (2019 Entry)

books for applying to medicine

Applying to medicine can be an intimidating process, with thousands of candidates applying each year for limited spaces, give yourself the edge with these must-read books.

Books are a great way to learn tips to boost your chances of getting into medicine – they include helpful tips and strategies to boost your application.  We spoke to over 30+ first year medics to get their picks on the must have books they used when  applying to Medicine. In this article we compiled the most popular picks:

1. Getting into Medical School by James Barton 

Getting into medical school is hard, to give yourself the best possible success – or at least a fighting chance of an interview – your application needs to be good. This book series covers everything applicants need to know to secure their place at medical school, including advice on preparing a winning application, updated topical medical issues, and details of admission tests such as UKCAT and BMAT. 

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2. Get into Medical School – Write the perfect personal statement by Olivier Picard et al

Your personal statement is crucial; some universities place more emphasis on personal statements than others. The authors of this book are experts in communication and medical recruitment; this book explains what admissions tutors look for and how to get yourself noticed by writing a compelling and memorable personal statement. It will guide you through the process of writing a strong personal statement to help you win a place at medical school, describing effective writing techniques to enable you to convince the admissions tutors of your desire and motivation for a career in medicine while conveying your personality. The book contains 100 real life personal statements from successful A level and graduate applicants.

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3. A UKCAT Practice Book with tons of questions

Some UKCAT practice books do a great job at replicating the breadth and depth of the different types of questions that can be asked in the UKCAT. Many of the first year medics we spoke with recommend picking a practice book to gain familiarity with the test. We have read over 11 UKCAT practice books check out our shortlist. Also, check out The UKCAT Study Guide on Amazon it is the first UKCAT book solely focused on exam strategies and techniques, used by over 8000 students to date with 100% positive feedback. 

4. A BMAT Practice Book (For BMAT Test Takers)

There are offers great preparation material and is written by experts and doctors that have helped thousands of students prepare for the UKCAT. The book has a thousands of practice questions to help you identify your  weaknesses before you begin to revise,it has helpful tips and strategies for each section of the exam. Check out our recommended BMAT practice books for the year.

5.  Medical School Interviews by Olivier Picard and George Lee

This is a good read to prepare for your medical school interview whether it is the traditional format or Mini-multiple (MMI) format. The authors have analysed over 150 questions and provided easy to read guides to answering them effectively. The book also has invaluable information on the history of medicine, the NHS, ethics and other key issues. The authors cover everything from handling MMI stations to motivational questions. For more recommendations check out books to read before your medical school interview.

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6. Medical Ethics: A Very Short Introduction by Tony Hope

This is another good read to open your mind to medical ethics. The author really digs into issues such as euthanasia and the morality of killing, and also explores political questions such as: how should health care resources be distributed fairly? Each chapter in this book considers a different issue: genetics, modern reproductive technologies, resource allocation, mental health, medical research, and discusses more controversial topics.

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What books would you recommend for applying to medical school? Share your suggestions in the comments section below. 

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