How To Prepare For The BMAT Section 3 (Writing)

The BMAT Section 3 is the ‘writing’ section, the sections tests the ability to select, develop and organise ideas, and to communicate them in writing, concisely and effectively. This section is the weirdest section to prepare for but you can increase your chances of achieving a high score by preparing smartly.

The main issue with the BMAT Section 3 is timing, you have 30 mins to write a whole essay. I found this really hard. When preparing for Section 3, make sure you grasp the following:

  • Marking Criteria
  • How To Plan
  • Structuring Your Essay
  • Timing

These are the four elements you need to work on to prepare effectively for the exam. I’ll cover each element in more detail.

Marking Criteria: It goes without saying that you need to understand how the BMAT essays are scored. Please do not take the exam in November without having a look at the marking criteria, the examiners use this to mark the essays, take advantage of this, learn how the essay is scored and adopt your approach to the BMAT essay. You can download a copy of the BMAT section 3 marking criteria here.

How To Plan: I recommend spending the first ten minutes breaking down the question and planning your essay. Do not start writing your essay straight away! Put together a few bullet points that you want to discuss in your essay and arrange them in a logical order. Decide which bullet points you’ll discuss in the Introduction, Body and Conclusion.

Essay Structure: Make sure to have a  clear structure. You want a clear introduction, body and conclusion. Practice writing essays in this format

Timing: Practice writing essays in 30 mins, I recommend spending 10 mins planning, 6 mins on Introduction, 10 mins on  the body and  4 mins on the conclusion.

I strongly recommend using the BMAT past papers book  by Uniadmissions to get a sense of good essays and how they are structured . You can see other customer reviews on Amazon here.


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