The BMAT Explained (Video)

bmat explained

The BMAT explained by Senthooran Kath, he breaks down the BMAT into more detail and gives his experience taking the exam. A good video to get a full breakdown of the BMAT. Enjoy 

C. The video contains the following topics:

  1. BMAT explained and the Universitoes that require it
  2. How the BMAT is Structured
  3. The Timing of each section
  4. More advice on Section 3 (essay)
  5. How he prepared for each section
  6. Recommended BMAT books
  7. Tips on preparing for each section
  8. How each university uses the BMAT

Check out the Books recommended by Senthooran

For more help in preparing for the BMAT, checkout the BMAT crash course offered by Uniadmissions.




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