BMAT Essay Marking Guide

bmat essay marking guide

If you’ve already picked my book, thank you! If you stumbled upon this article without getting the book first, I highly recommend you click here to pick up a copy of the BMAT Study Plan to make sense of  how to use the BMAT essay marking guide.

As part of the BMAT study plan regularly writing practice essays is key in improving your BMAT essay skills and recognising areas of weakness in completing the section in 30 minutes. Unlike Section 1 and 2, this section is marked on two scales. The first is based on the QUALITY OF ENGLISH of the essay marked on a scale of A-E and the other is the STRENGTH OF ARGUMENT marked on a scale of 0 – 5.  Candidates receive an alphanumerical score, where 5A is the highest score one can achieve.

Taking notes for Section 3 is a bit tricky because most candidates do not know how to mark an essay. However, if you have a willing friend, tutor or family member, it is fairly straightforward to mark. If you can afford a BMAT essay marking service that might be  a good shout too.

Nonetheless, I recommend asking the person marking your essay to get to grips with the BMAT marking criteria and provide general feedback to improve. A great approach would be after each practice essay  to mention the pros and cons.

The goal is to use feedback constructively to improve skills. Review feedback regularly and use it to improve subsequent practice essays.

Keep essays within a single A4 sheet of paper and ask the person marking to use the marking guide below.

Please note that this marking guide builds on the marking approach provided in the Ultimate BMAT Guide: 800 practice questions book by Uniadmissions. It is a great book that provides hundreds of practice questions and tips for each section of the exam.

Strength of Argument

Use the flow chart below to grade the strength of argument in practice essay from 0-5.

BMAT Essay

Quality of English

Use the scale below to grade the quality of English for practice essays from A-E.

BMAT Essay Marking Guide

Pros and Cons

Ask the essay marker to compile a list of pros and cons to help with improving subsequent practice essays. Pros and cons should address the quality of the English and Strength of argument.

BMAT Section - Pros and Cons

Hope you found the BMAT essay marking guide helpful! For BMAT essay tips and  essay reviews grab your copy of the Ultimate BMAT Guide: 800 practice questionsTake the free 30-day BMAT challenge includes daily exercises and goals over 30 days to ensure you stay motivated and prepare more effectively. For all the daily exercises at once grab your copy of the BMAT Study Plan includes hundreds of tips and advice from  high scoring candidates that took the exam.