Checklist: 4 Key Things To Do Before Submitting Your Application

key things to do before submitting application

The UCAS deadline for Medicine and Dentistry is in October, before handing in your application. The following are 4 key things I recommend you do before submitting your application…

1. Double check the percentile of your UKCAT Score

Ideally you want to be in the top percentile to get a good chance of being invited for an interview. However, some universities do not rely heavily on the UKCAT. Take the time to find out how well you compare to other students in the same year. The UKCAT publishes the mean scores every year, be sure to check out the preliminary scores (released in Spetember) or final scores in October before haning in your application. This will give you a rough idea on how well you perfomed. Check out last year’s UKCAT mean scores and decile ranking.

2. Proof-read your Reference

Your referee might not know how to sell your non-academic skills, you want to make sure they sell all the attributes that make a good doctor or dentist, keep them in the loop so that they can highlight any relevant work experience or volunteering that you have done. 

3. Proof-read your Personal Statement At least 10 times

I do not mean proof-reading your statement yourself. Instead share your statement with at least 10 people to proofread it for you.  Do not just ask friends and family, also ask your referee, academic tutor, professors and even doctors or dentists you are working with on placement.

4. Pick Your Choices Carefully (Based on UKCAT score)

Medical and dental schools are so competitive that you can only select up to 4 choices on your application.  I recommend taking the time to figure out how universities use the UKCAT and only picking universities that would most likely admit you based on your performance in the exam 

In conclusion, do not leave anything to chance and be critical with every part of your application. For more exclusive tips on boosting your application join my Free 90-day Newsletter includes more tips and tactics to boost your application and smash the UKCAT. No spam ever just great content!

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