5 Ways To Read Faster In The UKCAT Verbal Reasoning That Actually Works

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I used to think that speed reading wasn’t really possible and you were either born with the ability to read fast or not. However, I’ve come to realise that with the right preparation you can improve your reading speed or adapt exam techniques to help. 

Speed Reading: How To Read Faster In The UKCAT Verbal Reasoning

I am a slow reader so it was no surprise that I found the UKCAT verbal reasoning section the most difficult. I  spent a majority of my preparation working on my speed and comprehension skills. I explain how to prepare for the UKCAT verbal reasoning in another post. Speed reading can be practised in a variety of ways. One way is to time yourself reading through book passages and summarising them (it’s useful to use non-fiction texts as this will replicate the UKCAT passages more accurately). A quick Google search will also yield several free articles, YouTube videos and apps that are designed to improve your speed reading.

It took a couple of months of intense preparation but I was able to significantly improve my verbal reasoning score. The main challenge with the verbal reasoning section is time management. You have 21 minutes to answer 44  questions, that’s 28 secs per question!  – so it is important to improve your speed reading and practice strategies that will allow you complete the test in the allocated time.

This is a helpful video from Thomas Frank, He runs through 5 ways to read faster that actually works. This will help with preparing for the UKCAT verbal reasoning test and improve your speed reading.

Summary: 5 ways To Read Faster That Actually works
  1. Read often, widely and challenging material
  2. Form an interest link and find an optimal spot for reading
  3. Pre-read before actually reading
  4. Skimming
  5. Take time to review and learn.

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