5 Free Resources For UKCAT Preparation

5 resources for UKCAT preparation
5 resources for UKCAT preparation

There is no such thing as too much UKCAT preparation.

1. The Candidate Preparation Toolkit

The candidate preparation toolkit provided by the UKCAT is where candidates should start when preparing for the UKCAT. The toolkit contains a preparation plan, the official UKCAT guide and  practice tests and questions. It also includes tutorials to work  candidates through example questions from each subtest and offer strategies on how to approach and answer questions. This includes general advice on how to approach the test as well as detailed advice on tackling each subtest.

2.Kaplan Test Prep

Kaplan test Prep has offered test preparation courses in the UK since 1993 and is now one of the leading providers of UKCAT and BMAT preparation courses. You can visit the Kaplan website at www.kaptest.co.uk/ukcattest for access to the free,full-length Kaplan UKCAT Mock Online Test.

3.The Official UKCAT app

The Official UKCAT App by Pearson Vue is a very helpful resource. You can practice UKCAT questions on your phone, the practice feature allows candidate practice specific subtests or  random questions from any subtest.

4.Broadsheet Newspapers

Try reading articles and summarising the information to help with preparing for the verbal reasoning. A great starting point is broadsheet newspapers, their opinion columns are especially useful because information is presented in a logical argument rather than neutral facts. Their structure makes them ideal for analysing in the same way you would a verbal reasoning passage. Examples of Broadsheet include – The Guardian, The Times and Daily Telegraph.

5. Spreeder (www.spreeder.com)

Want to work on your speed reading? Looking no further than Spreeder, it is a good resource to help improve speed reading which can be applied to skimming through passages in the verbal reasoning or just reading questions in other parts of the exam. I would recommend reading online articles on Spreeder for a month. You’ll be surprised by how quickly you’ll read and comprehend information.

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