10 Free Ways To Prepare For The UKCAT Right Now

free ukcat preparation

You do not have to wait until your exam is around the corner before you start preparing for the UKCAT. I recommend improving your reasoning skills right away with one or more of the resources below. The best part is that they are free!

1. The Official UKCAT Website (www.ukcat.ac.uk)

The official UKCAT website has a ton of helpful information and resources to help you prepare for the exam, it includes a candidate preparation toolkit, practice tests and questions. I recommend starting your UKCAT preparation with the resources provided on their website. Start researching on the exam and the UKCAT score required by your choices,  do no wait until next summer.

2. The Official UKCAT Mobile App (Download on Apple or Google App Store)

This is a very helpful app to prepare for the UKCAT. I recommend adjusting the settings so that you are prompted to attempt one question a day. You can choose to pick a specific subtest or a random section. I recommend downloading the app straightway! You can start preparing for the UKCAT months ahead.

3. The UKCAT Challenge by The UKCAT BLOG

We have created a new 30-day UKCAT challenge that is designed to give you mini-exercises and goals over 30 days It includes the core principles and strategies from The UKCAT Study Guide adopted by over 8,000 students to date with 100% positive feedback.  You can take the UKCAT challenge at any time in the year.

4. Free Online Practice Tests

There are tons of companies offering free practice tests on the UKCAT. You can just do a Google search and pick one. I recommend attempting one test per week to warm yourself up for when your exam is approaching close.

5. Youtube

It is worth having a look at Youtube videos by previous applicants, offering helpful tips, reviews and more on preparing for the UKCAT. You could watch one video per week to get more insight into preparing for the exam, learn from their experience and prepare more effectively for the exam.

6. Dental and Medical students 

Try reaching out to current students on social media or forums to get tips and advice on preparing for the exam. Twitter is an great platform to reach out.  If could even see if they would sell their old UKCAT books to you at a discounted price and save money. Some might even be willing to give it away for free so keep an eye out for posts or tweets from former applicants. 

7. Brain Training Mobile Apps 

I recommend downloading cognitive apps such as Elevate or Luminosity to help improve speed reading and your cognitive skills. These apps have free versions that will help boost memory, mental maths, vocabulary and comprehensive skills.   

8. Newspapers 

Start reading articles more regularly, I recommend summarising articles once you’ve read them and timing yourself. With practice try to increase your reading speed and retention.

9. Spreeder

Spreeder is a free online speed reading software. I recommend using the software  to read all online articles. I actually used it when preparing for the UKCAT. I read all my online articles on Spreeder for a month! It is a really good tool, all you do is copy the text you want to read into the software and it displays them one word at a time at a fast rate, it really good if you are slow at reading or cant help reading words in your head. Spreeder helps you read faster, comprehend more, so you can save time in the UKCAT.

10. Free UKCAT Seminars

There are companies that offer free 1-day seminars on preparing for the UKCAT. This can be very helpful in preparing for the exam. Students attempt a mock exam and go through answers with an expert. Keep an eye out for such seminars, companies run them throughout the year.

These materials are great and I highly recommend looking into them.  For a step-by-step guide on preparing for the exam grab your copy of  The UKCAT study guide. It’s includes the tips, techniques and strategies I used to achieve a score in the 90th percentile. It has been adopted by over 8,000 candidates to date with 100% positive feedback! Also take part in the Free 30-day UKCAT Preparation Challenge includes daily exercises and goals over 30 days to ensure you prepare more effectively.

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