Best UKCAT Books For Each Subtest (2018 Entry)

It took me three attempts at the UKCAT to realize that the key to passing the exam is by first identifying your weakness as early as possible. Day 1 to Day 3 of your revision should solely focus on identifying which sections of the exam (verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning or abstract reasoning) you struggle with then using resources such as books to learn and improve your reasoning skill.

However, the problem is that there are a lot of UKCAT books to choose from. I do not recommend buying every single one. Instead take the time to read customer reviews, student feedback’s and decide on the most suitable books for your preparation. 

If you are looking to improve your skill in specific sections of the exam, find below a summary of the best UKCAT books for each subtest. These books in my opinion offer the most helpful content in their related  areas. 

The Best UKCAT Books For Each Subtest (2018 Entry)
Section Books Feedback
Verbal Reasoning Score Higher On The UKCAT – 1000 Questions Very good! helpful strategies and tips for improving the most common pitfalls in the VR.
Quantitative Reasoning The Ultimate Guide – 1250 Practice Questions Very helpful approach to QR practice. Good strategies and every possible maths topic covered.
Abstract Reasoning Get Into Medical School – 1250 Practice Questions Loads of  Practice Questions and possibly every type of Question.
Decision-Making Official UKCAT Practice Questions It’s Free – the most reliable way to practice questions for the new subtest.
Situational Judgement GMC – Good Medical Practice It’s Free – Has everything you need to improve understanding of medicine principles.

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