Review – Score Higher On The UKCAT : 1000 Practice Questions Book


Score Higher on the UKCAT book review with 1000 UKCAT practice questions

Title: Score Higher On The UKCAT – 1000 Questions (2017-18 Entry)

Rating: 4 out of 5

Pricing: £14.75 


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Introduction: This practice book is the third edition of the ‘Score Higher on the UKCAT’ book series, it offers great preparation material and is written by teachers and doctors that have helped thousands of students prepare for the UKCAT. I would strongly recommend getting this book to prepare for the UKCAT 2017.

Book Details: The book is written by Brian Holmes, Marianna Parker and Katie Hunt; who are teachers and doctors from Kaplan Test Prep, they have helped thousands of students prepare for the UKCAT and this book is the revision material they have put together. The book starts off explaining the UKCAT, its format, timing and how it is scored. They acknowledge each subtest and the new Decision Making section. The initial chapter also proposes their key tips on how to get a high score in the UKCAT, which is really insightful and made me realise the importance to improve strategy and pace. The next chapter is a diagnostic test with 231 questions to help you identify your strengths and weaknesses before you begin to revise, the test covers verbal reasoning (VR), Quantitative Reasoning (QR), Abstract Reasoning (AR), Decision Analysis (DA) and Situational Judgement (SJ). The book has chapters dedicated to each subtest of the UKCAT with detailed examples, exercises, and timed practice sessions so that candidates can master the different question types. I also liked how the authors identified the common challenges specific to each subtest and proposed tips to overcome them which they encourage you to put into practice when attempting exercises. For example, managing  time in Verbal Reasoning using the keyword approach. The book offers many other helpful tips that are specific to each subtest. The book also has a 2 hour Mock test at the end to replicate the real exam with detailed answers to review and mark yourself.


  • The book contains over 1000 practice questions
  • A diagnostic test to help identify strengths and weakness in the exam.
  • A lot of detailed examples and exercises for each subtest.
  • Specific tips for each subtest of the UKCAT
  • 2-hour mock test at the end to replicate the real exam
  • Access to online resources – test updates & online mock test.


  • The book acknowledges the new Decision Making subtest but doesn’t cover it.
  • The book has a chapter on Decison Analysis which is irrelevant for 2017.

Conclusion : I would strongly recommend getting this book to prepare for the UKCAT 2017. The book leads you through each section of the UKCAT and covers each type of question. The authors also advice on how to approach each section of the exam. The book doesn’t cover the new Decision Making Subtest but universities will not be given the score for this section so wouldn’t worry .With this book, you’ll learn how to use your time in the test efficiently and maximize your overall score.


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