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Private UKCAT tuition gives you the ultimate level of support in preparing for the UKCAT. With individual tuition you get one-on-one teaching tailored to you to give maximum improvement. After reviewing the highest rated companies offering UKCAT tutoring the following are my top 3 picks of UKCAT tutors. You can also have a look at my picks for online UKCAT courses and UKCAT Crash Courses.uniadmissions ukcat tutor

The Uniadmissions UKCAT tuition gives you the ultimate level of support in preparing for the UKCAT. With individual tuition you get one-on-one teaching tailored to you to give maximum improvement. In addition to the complete flexibility, another significant advantage is amount of time you spend practising – because there are no other students, you get much more opportunity to work on your weakest sections in the exam. Includes a free UKCAT guide, 2 mock exams and ongoing support.


  • Can be  in-person or over Skype
  • Includes personal exercises to target weakness
  • Preparation guidance every step of the way to improve skills
  • Access to 2 Mock exams
  • Unlimited tutor support
  • Free UKCAT book
  • Access to additional online lectures and practice material


  • In person sessions are only offered in London. However, the company does offer Skype sessions which have proven to be just as effective.


the medic portal ukcat tutors

The Medic Portal Private UKCAT tuition is taught by experts that draw on proven UKCAT methodologies to help students in achieving higher scores in the exam. They are officially partnered with the Royal Society of Medicine – the leading education authority in the UK and have helped thousands of students prepare for the exam. Includes  personal exercises,  taught strategies and practice questions.


  • Can be online or in person
  • Personal exercises to test current performance level
  • Tutors work closely with you to instil core strategies proven to improve exam performance
  • helpful guidance in practising through worked examples


  • In person sessions are only offered in Waterloo (London). However, the company does offer online sessions which have proven to be just as effective.


kaplan ukcat tutors

The Kaplan UKCAT private tutoring  will take you through methods and strategies at a pace that works for you. Their tutors will help you to identify where you may require further focus and adapt your UKCAT preparation accordingly. You also continue to have access to your UKCAT tutor, even after your sessions have finished, ensuring that all your questions and concerns will be resolved before your test. Includes access to med admissions channel, video lessons,  9 practice tests and access to online UKCAT course.


  • Can be online or in person
  • Tailored preparation to suit your needs for the exam
  • Access to up to 14 hours of video lessons
  • Free access to Kaplan’s online UKCAT course for 2 months (Find out more)
  • Up to 9 practice tests and hundreds of practice questions including the ‘mastery questions’ used to work on weak sections of the exam.
  • Ongoing support till test day
  • Free UKCAT book


  • In person sessions are only offered in their London centre. However, the company does offer live online classes that are just as effective.


For a cheaper option you can find freelance UKCAT tutors on websites like Mytutor  or Tutorfair that charge a cheaper rate per hour. However, make sure to vet them properly and have a look at reviews from past students. I personally recommend booking with a company as they offer more support  and their tutors are properly vetted with loads of experience. In the 2018 edition of my UKCAT Study Guide I share step-by-step an effective way to get the most out of UKCAT tutors to prepare for the exam, and also provide advance exam strategies for each section…

The 2017 edition of my UKCAT study guide was bought by 1-in-7 applicants with 100% of readers agreeing it improved their score and 79% of readers achieving their target score (See Testimonials). You’ll learn everything from setting your target score to exam strategies for each section of the exam. Here is what you can expect to find inside:

  • How Universities Use The UKCAT (NEW)
  • How to determine and set your target UKCAT score
  • How to identify your weakest sections (UPDATED)
  • How to prioritise sections of the exam.
  • Proven exam strategies and techniques to improve your skill in each section: Verbal Reasoning, Abstract Reasoning, Decision Making, Quantitative Reasoning and Situational Judgement. (NEW STRATEGIES ADDED)
  • The most effective approach for practising sample questions and mock exams.
  • Recommended UKCAT practice books and how to use them (UPDATED)
  • Recommended UKCAT practice tests and how to use them. (UPDATED)
  • Recommended UKCAT courses and how to get the most out of them (UPDATED)
  • Advance tips, tactics, and techniques for boosting your studying efficacy
  • More exclusive content from my blog, (MORE ADDED)
Additional Features:

This year I’ve included additional features to help take your UKCAT preparation to the next level. They include the following

  • Private Facebook Group: Exclusive assess to the 2018 UKCAT BLOG Facebook Group – opportunity to get support from other applicants applying in the same cycle.
  • THE UKCAT BLOG Podcast: Free access to THE UKCAT PODCAST to help with boosting your UCAS application and preparing for the UKCAT.
  • 30-Day Study Plan: You can also enroll in a 30 day preparation challenge with the 30-day study plan.
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