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Title: Mastering the UKCAT book “Review”.

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Introduction: The ‘Mastering The UKCAT’ book was the third book I used to prepare for the UKCAT last year. The UKCAT format has changed and the book is slightly out of date, However, I would still recommend this book to be used in conjunction with updated material in preparing for 2016 UKCAT exam. The book will be helpful for preparing for the sections of the exam except for the new Decision Making subtest.


Book Details: Mastering the UKCAT  is written by Dr Christopher Nordstrom and his colleagues. The authors are qualified doctors with experience writing books on medical admission exams. The book is well set out with expert advice explaining all the questions types. Like the UKCAT for dummies series, the authors emphasize more on tips and strategy to pass the UKCAT  and less on the quantity of practice questions. Each section of the exam is covered concisely, each having about 30 – 40 question types covered. The book has really helpful strategies and tips –  I particularly found the quantitative reasoning and abstract reasoning strategies recommended the most helpful. Everything from tactics to common pitfalls this book covers well. If you are looking for a book with loads of practice questions, this wouldn’t be the best fit, the authors focus on developing the core techniques and strategy needed to pass the UKCAT. It is a good supplement book that I would recommend using with other material.



  • The book contains core strategies, techniques and top tips to pass the UKCAT. Particularly the quantitative reasoning and abstract reasoning sections.
  • The book has a good step-by-step approach to breaking down each subtest.
  • The book also has a good breadth of  question-types and examples in each subtest.
  • It is very concise and easy to read.


  • It is out of date, doesn’t cover new Decision Making subtest.
  • The authors have clearly focussed more on strategy, technique and tips to pass the exam and as a result does not contain as many practice questions as some of the other books available.

Conclusion: The mastering the UKCAT book is a good resource and has a lot of core tips, techniques and strategies to pass the UKCAT. If you are looking for a book with loads of practice questions, this wouldn’t be the best fit. The authors focus more on strategy. It is still very helpful and I’ll recommend if you want to further develop  your strategy and techniques to prepare and pass the exam.


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